eCommerce SEO Packages

Our efficient eCommerce SEO Packages are ideal for any businesses that are greatly rely on organic search engine traffic. Perfect if you are looking to make an impact on local search visibility. This package is specifically designed to help to target the right customer base, improve the website content and layout and to boost their overall keyword ranking by on-site and off-site SEO techniques.

Our main goal is to bring your online shop higher in the top search engine results as well as to monitor the visitors behaviour to improve the conversion rate. We optimise and redesign your store’s website if needed to make it more attractive for visitors to enjoy more organic traffic and more sales. There is no simple way when doing SEO, each online shop is different and every niche has its own solutions. As one of London’s reputable SEO expert firms, we strive hard to provide the best return on investment to our clients.

The monthly cost starts at £600, depends on the complexity of your store and the competitors. You might ask – is it worth? Just imagine if we reached a top ranking position how much your online shop would grow by getting more orders.

First Month – The Beginning

1. Site Assessment and Analyse
We take time to get to know more about your business (niche, audience, products, etc)
Our next step is to perform an in-depth website audit, also study your competitors and their websites.
If your business is new, we create your online shop on one of the most popular platforms (Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, WixStores, etc)

2. Keyword Research & Roadmap Creation
We use premium SEO tools and up-to-date techniques to research the best keywords to bring the fastest and most effective results. We are looking for keywords with enough search volume, low competition rate and which are related to your niche and store. We plan the ideal, long lasting strategy to dominate the SERPs.

3. Website Error Fixing & Optimisation
We check your website for technical errors and improve user experience. It includes mobile friendly test, SEO friendly urls, sitemap creation, image size reduction, image ALT tags, Schema Markup, Google Search Console and Analytics integration, reducing website loading speed, and more.

4. Content Updating & Optimisation
From our assessment and keyword research, we implement high-quality content optimisation to your website to engage visitors. Duplicate content and not unique descriptions are the main enemy of Google. First we optimise and rewrite your major categories including title tags, header tags and meta descriptions.

5. Reporting
We send a detailed report about our work, future plans, traffic details, and search engine ranking report for the targeted keywords.

From the Second Month

1. Review & Planning
We review the progress, analyse the traffic and keyword rankings, revise our last month’s work and adjust our strategies when needed to achieve consistent results.

2. Engaging Content Creation & Updating
Continue to rewrite and optimise your website’s title tags and meta descriptions for subcategories and optimising the product pages, focusing to the targeted keywords to reach potential customers.
Customers as well as Google like frequent updates and new content, our creative team writes unique, relevant and insightful articles or blog posts about your products with optimised keyword density.
We create dedicated landing pages for your main categories targeting researched long tail keywords to reach more customers.

3. SEO & Organic Backlinks
Once the content optimisation is done, we focus on building the business appearance, it includes citation building and optimising your existing ones.
Next, we start an outreach campaign to boost your back-link portfolio. (blogs, magazines, niche sites, press releases, directories, social signals)

4. End of Month Report
We send a detailed report about our work, future plans, traffic details, and search engine ranking report for the targeted keywords.

Order Now! Let’s Get Started!

Our eCommerce SEO Package starts at £600 / month.
Recommended campaign length: 6 months.
Search Engine Optimisation is an ongoing work, we can reach the best results within 3-9 months, depends on the keyword difficulty and competitors, however there is no long term contract, you are free to cancel anytime.