SEO Procedures

Being a leading SEO company in London, we apply various SEO techniques to different businesses. First of all, we will investigate the type of your business as this will help us to determine the problematic areas and aid us to establish the best techniques to improve your website or create a new one. Our most commonly used SEO techniques are as follow:

1- Identifying keywords: Online users will use certain keywords on Google’s search engine when they are looking for their desired service, product or business. We make different efforts to identify the right keywords as each company has its unique products or services, so the keywords will differ for each company. We do market-based keyword research to find out the best keywords, so that we will use them in your websites, social media sites, articles, product descriptions, reviews etc, to help you attract more clients to your webpage.

2- Branding: Branding is vital for the success of your online business as it helps your clients identify your products and services. Different search engines like Google also loves branded products. We can help you decide on a logo, tagline, colour scheme and phrasing for your products and services. With our professional effort, your branding will match to your business as well as the keywords and it will appear well on your website, products, services and social sites.

3- Creation of engaging content: Along with design, the content of your website should be interesting and attractive enough to target your potential clients. The content on your website, blog, social sites and guest posts should contain your brand and keywords. We regularly refresh your website’s content in-order to maintain your customers’ interest as only high quality content can lure clients to your webpage. We proficiently create unique and different content, so that your business will be promoted in the best way possible.

4- Improve social networking: Social networking is considered as one of the fastest ways to promote your businesses. During social networking, clients will share the products and services in which they are interested or want to share it with their friends. Being an efficient SEO firm, we excel in creating the best adverts and content for social networks as this will in turn improve your online visibility.

5- Google Analytics: We pay great attention in finding which techniques work best for your business and which don’t. We use Google Analytics when we start to implement our efficient SEO techniques as this will lead us to a way to a higher rating more effectively and more swiftly.

6- Link building campaigns: A large percentage of your SEO score is the result of links on several different sites, blogs and social networks that are within the access of your clients. When web users see content on these pages, they will also click on the links available on articles or ads and in turn, these links will take them straight away to the services or products that they desire to view on your website.

7- Guest posting: Guest posting is another interesting way to enhance your traffic on your website. The result of guest posting on popular websites can bring high quality traffic to your page as long as the guest post is on a relevant page. For example, if an educational program will be posted on the blogs of universities, institutions, schools, etc, it will gain more attention as compared to when it would be on craft blogs. For this purpose, we have dedicated writers who are capable of writing attractive and engaging articles that are posted to these guest posts as in this way, more web users will come to know about your valuable services or products.

8- SEO Audit: We have competent SEO experts who provide their clients a best SEO audit service. They do a complete analysis of your onsite SEO and can suggest you the best keywords. They also let you know the value of your website content and what changes you need to bring in your business website in order to get more clients. We make a complete analysis to ensure our clients have user-friendly websites to attract more visitors.