Local SEO Services for Tower Hamlets

ChelseaSEO is ready to help local entrepreneurs and small businesses to get more visibility online, whether you own a business consultancy in Canary Wharf, an Italian restaurant in Whitechapel, an antique shop in Bethnal Green or offer professional services to residents of Tower Hamlets. As Google put more emphasis on local results, it’s your time to act and get the best strategy as your neighbourhood area needs to find you.

There are more than 308.000 potential customers live in the Borough of Tower Hamlets. These people search for local shops, services and businesses, but when your website isn’t listed in the map area or among the top results, you lose these people. Does your company show up first if you search your services or products on Google? It should and we can make it happen!

What is Local SEO For Tower Hamlets?
SEO means on-site modifications and off-site techniques to improve websites search engine rankings. It helps to increase the visitor number to get more sales or leads. Local SEO is equal, but focusing to a smaller region, such as Tower Hamlets or it’s districts like Blackwall, Canary Wharf, Limehouse, Wapping, Shadwell, Spitalfields, Mile End, Wapping, etc. For example, if you are a local dog walker, ideally when someone searches Google for “dog walkers near me in Tower Hamlets” finds your website. Our London digital agency will work hard on your website to get better online exposure, more traffic, qualified leads and increased sales. This is how we can help you!

How We Plan a Local SEO Campaign?

  1. In-depth audit: your and competitors’ websites
  2. Design a long lasting strategy
  3. Implement our best and up-to-date techniques
  4. Review the progress over next months and adjust the plan if need

There isn’t easy and simple way when it comes to local SEO, all business is unique and has different needs. Whether you are a personal trainer, or offering services like pest control or furniture removal or own a small travel agency in Tower Hamlets, we can boost your online presence and help you dominate your target market. We won’t stop with Google, our goal is to make your website listed at the top on Yahoo as well as Bing. Search Engine Optimisation can be difficult as if you don’t have experience, premium paid tools like Ahrefs, SeoProfiler, Semrush or Moz, you can’t effectively work on it. That’s where ChelseaSEO comes in!

A well designed plan is important for any business who wants to be successful in the world of internet. Our number one priority is to secure a listing in the top results of the “local map pack”. Owned one of these, gets you more visibility and more organic traffic.

Our Local SEO Process

Local SEO Tower Hamlets1. Starting with an in-depth website audit or design a brand new on WordPress platform. We study your target audience, your business, etc.

2. Fixing errors, mobile friendly test, applying must do techniques like locally optimised title tags, header tags, meta descriptions, optimised URLs, duplicate content check, sitemap creation, image size reduction + ALT tags, Google Search Console and Analytics registration, etc.

3. Working on the loading speed, as Google has already announced that it is one of their many ranking factor. Also nobody likes to wait, if your website is slow, these customers might leave and won’t come back.

4. Setting up Schema Markup as it gives search engines useful information to display in the result pages such as type of business, ratings, opening hours, product prices, and more.

5. Keyword research is another important element of the process, we are looking for keywords that have enough search volume, low competition rate and are highly targeted to your area. First we are focusing to Tower Hamlets, as in the highly competitive market of London, it will take at least nine months or more to show up on the first pages of Google.

6. We examine your competitors. Get to know how they are working, what’s their strategy. Analysing their content, citations, backlink profile, social accounts, etc. to improve our approach.

7. We create highly targeted and specific content in your niche with focusing to Tower Hamlets. Using our keyword results, we make relevant, unique, and insightful articles about your business.

8. The next step involves citation building, registering / optimising Google My Business, Bing Places, Yahoo Small Business, Yelp, Yell, etc.

9. To get more exposure, we begin an outreach campaign (press releases, blogs, magazines, niche sites, local directories, etc.)

10. Social media provides influence and immediately result for your brand, that’s why we keep your profiles updated and active across the major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. If you don’t have social media accounts, we register them.

Cheap SEO Plans For Tower Hamlets (E, EC)

Our professionals are ready to move your website’s ranking up in search engines for more visibility, leads and sales. It doesn’t matter if you are a nail technician, a massage therapist or a security company, we can help you achieve your goals! Check our best SEO packages, and let’s get started!